Your Guide to Halloween Spirit

I am beyond excited.



Why? Halloween is right around the corner! (10 days away to be exact.) Bring on the candy, costumes, parties, and concerts. Here are my favorite ways to get into the spirit!

Step 1: Music.

Put on this spooktacular mix of Halloween Tunes and dance the night (or day) away!

Step 2: Treats.

Candy is pretty sweet, but nothing can touch baked goods. Here are the most delicious recipe ideas:!


Step 3: Costumes.

I could spend hours looking for costume inspiration on Pinterest! Once you find the perfect fit, skip Party City and go the extra mile at Goodwill or local vintage stores. Not only is it wayyy cheaper, but you will surely stand out from the crowd. At Buffalo Exchange, I found a one-of-a-kind Red Cross nurse uniform from the 1940s. Then, I also put together a random assortment of fun accessories and clothes from consignment stores to transform into a disco diva. The possibilities are endless.

img_0622  img_1068

DIY Halloween Costumes: PART 1

Step 4: Parties + Concerts.

Fall marks the beginning of party season. Let loose and make the most of your time! Dance, sing, and CELEBRATE!




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