7 Summer DIY Projects

If you can’t take the heat, get inside and start crafting! The real question is…where to start? Luckily, we have 7 summer DIY projects that will keep you entertained for weeks to come:

1. 50 DIY Mason Jar Crafts – Who knew mason jars could be more than cute drink tumblers? Get creative and use them as decorations, wind chimes, or even aquariums!


2. Dreamcatchers -Embrace the beauty of dreamcatchers and fill your home with positivity! According to Native American tradition, the web blocks negativity, while the open spaces allow good dreams to enter. 


3. Fired Ink Art – Let out your inner Picasso and craft your own colorful masterpieces! All you need is some lighters, frames, alcohol, and ink. 


4. Grow Your Own Geodes – Science is art! Don’t believe me? Put on your safety goggles and check out this simple project.


5. DIY Terrariums – Besides improving indoor air quality, terrariums allow you to enjoy the beauty of gardens without the high maintenance. Who doesn’t want that?


6. Lip Balm Recipes – Add more flavor to your life with these delicious all-natural lip balm recipes! From coconut rose to birthday cake, you simply can’t go wrong.


7. Best Homemade Soap Recipes – Stay clean with the world’s best soap recipes! Bonus: you and everything you own will smell wonderful.

Natural Handmade Soap with herbs

Never forget: “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Einstein

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Want more DIY projects? Look no further.

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